We are three veterans determined to revive the lost art of coopering in the Green Mountain State to help meet the growing demand of the high-quality craft distilleries, breweries and wineries that our small state is so fortunate to have. 

About Us

Tony Fletcher

Tony is a founder, cooper and managing partner. He is a Vermont native, a graduate of the University of Vermont, and spent over 22 years in the Army. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 as a Platoon Sergeant and he is currently a full-time member of the Vermont National Guard where he is the Course Manager for the Tactical Information Operations Planner's Course in Northfield, VT.  His background also includes Technical Writing, Web Design, Home Remodeling and Woodworking.  He is a self-proclaimed bourbon connoisseur and craft beer enthusiast.

Mac Broich

Mac, a founder, cooper, and managing partner, is a father of three beautiful children. He enlisted into the Army in 1992 and deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 as a Special Forces Medic.  He deployed again to Afghanistan in 2010 with Vermont's 86th Brigade where he served as a Platoon Sergeant.  He is currently in charge of Operations for the Vermont National Guard Infantry Battalion in Jericho, VT. Building, Woodworking, and custom furniture along with wine making and beer brewing have been a part of his life since childhood.

Josh Waterhouse

Originally from Richford Vermont, Josh is also a founder, cooper, and day-to-day production manager of the cooperage. Prior Active Duty Army and current part-time Member of the Vermont Army National Guard, he deployed to Iraq with Task Force Saber in 2005 and served with Tony in Afghanistan in 2010. He is the proud father of two children.

About Our Barrels

Handcrafted in the Vermont Tradition 

We build each of our barrels by hand just as the early New England coopers did 200 years ago.  We have the added benefit of power tools to shape our staves, but the building process and quality of craftsmanship remains the same.   Gently heated and toasted with a small oak fire while being formed into shape, then charred to your specifications. From start to finish, we can produce about one barrel per day.

Sustainable Forestry

We select premium American White Oak logs harvested from the forests of Vermont. White Oak is not as widespread throughout Vermont as it once was due to the clear-cutting that occurred across the state during the 19th Century. Our forests have made a comeback, but the White Oak has been slow to rebound.  Our local loggers value sustainable harvesting techniques that ensure a healthy White Oak population for years to come.

It's All About the Wood

The Quality of the Grain  

American White Oak trees that have slowly grown to maturity through the harsh Vermont winters produce the perfect wood for our barrels. The tight grains and dense cell structure of this wood help to create some of the finest barrels in the world. Logs are locally quartersawn, stacked and allowed to dry and season naturally for 6-12 months.